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I was in advanced Air Force Officer Training, received the American Legion Award and was told the Air Force had high hopes for me. Because I needed funds to pay for my senior year, I received special permission to take the Summer Camp at the end of my senior year instead of at the end of the Junior year. While at the Summer Camp, I dropped out of the Air Force Program. Cadets were sworn into the service at the completion of Summer Camp so I could not be forced to join the Air Force or enter the Service. I did not serve in the Viet- Nam Conflict.

While attending day law school at St. Louis University, I became the subject(target) of investigation, I assume for possible draft evasion (as many others also did during the late 1960's and early 1970's). I will not go into the many, many incidents that occurred between 1969 up through 1973. I would refer you to an article written by Col. David H. Hackworth(ret.), in the May-June 2000 issue of Modern Maturity (now known as AARP).

"After almost a half-decade of observing the obscenity, (Vietnam conflict) I told the press that Americans were being lied to, that the war was un-winnable the way it was being fought, that we should get the hell out." His life changed for the worse after going public.

"Someone high up hauled out the guillotine. First, my perfectly good helicopter mysteriously malfunctioned and crashed into enemy territory. Next, my jeep was booby-trapped with a grenade when it was parked in a safe compound in Saigon. This was followed by a platoon of goons who were dispatched to my Advisory Team with instructions to 'get Hackworth'. Upon returning to America, I was followed, my apartment was repeatedly burglarized, my mail was opened, my phone was tapped, and the brake lines of my car were cut. Next came a whispering campaign designed to destroy my character and my credibility. Lastly, upon discharge, I was subjected to seven straight IRS audits." He finally went into self-exile in Australia for 18 years.

Many of these activities that occurred after he returned Stateside with slight differences or variations are very familiar to me. I did not have any stateside IRS audits, being in school I did not have any income. I soon learned to make my life as random as possible which reduced the number of incidents of harassment. But there were some activities I could not avoid such as attending classes at St. Louis Law School where occurred some of the incidents of harassment. In 1970 I decided to transfer to Suffolk University Law School in Boston. Upon application I received notice that my application would not be considered until I had formally withdrawn from St. Louis University. I sent the Suffolk Admissions a copy of their admission and transfer pamphlet which clearly did not require withdrawal from one school before being admitted to Suffolk. There was continued telephone discussion but I would not withdraw. Finally I received a telephone call from the admissions department informing that my application had been evaluated, I met their requirements and was approved and I could now formally withdraw from St. Louis. After waiting for two weeks to receive the written acceptance I called Suffolk Admissions. They informed that there were further questions about my application and my admission was not final. I told them that I also had not withdrawn from St. Louis University. This went on for several months until I told my wife's employer a prominent St. Louis attorney of my plight. He found the procedure most unusual and wanted to look into the matter. I do not know if he did but shortly thereafter the written acceptance was received and I formally withdrew from St. Louis University. When I returned to Boston the harassment continued but not at Suffolk University Law School.

I applied and was granted permission to take the N. H. Bar Examination in the Summer of 1972. For the first part during the morning I sat at one of the many single small desks with separate unattached chairs lined up along the outer railing of the second floor hallway. It being an institutional building the sub-floor was solid (some type of concrete) with carpeting for the walking surface. The chair in front never physically came in contact with my desk. However all through the morning session every time the person in front sat back in his chair or rocked from the front to the back shifting his weight, the front of my desk went up and down. It appeared the back legs of his chair were pressing down on something under the carpeting similar to a fulcrum or seesaw with the other end placed under the front legs of my desk. For the second part of the test in the afternoon, I was placed at one of the several long tables lined up on the main floor of the library. As soon as the test began the individual sitting at the other end of my table (there were two to a table) began to bang his college ring on the table. He was gradually hitting the table harder and more often making quite a loud noise. After about 10 minutes of this behavior the person at the same end as the noisemaker at the next table became so upset that he loudly called one of the individuals overseeing the exam and demanded that noise be stopped as it was affecting his taking the test. There was no more banging on the table for the rest of the examination.

I passed the exam and the Justices of the Supreme Court finding me of sufficient moral character permitted me to become a member of the New Hampshire Bar. I am now trying to obtain a list of those individuals who passed the Bar in hopes of finding the person who objected to the ring banging to confirm the above. Also if that individual becomes aware of this material, he may remember and come forward.

I want to make it clear that I am not trying to use a very broad brush to paint all doctors, dentists (or if members of the bar have participated) or all members of the legal profession for the acts of a few. I have been in practice for over thirty years and can attest that the vast majority of lawyers would be above participating in such activities.

In 1993 I began informally inquiring about the incidents from 1969 through 1973 and the same type of harassment as in 1969-1973 began again and the more I inquired the more intense became the harassment. Then in 1995, I took what I now consider a foolhardy course of action. On May 30, 1995 I sent formal written requests under the Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act for all records pertaining to me to the Department of Justice in Concord, N. H. and Washington, D.C. and St. Louis, MO, to the FBI offices in Portsmouth, N.H., Boston, Mass, St. Louis, MO, Washington, D.C. and to the Air Force National Processing Records Center and enclose a copy of one. (Be1)

The non-medical/dental harassment increased in number and intensity.

But then I began to notice a marked change in my medical and dental treatment, but because it appeared so unbelievable, I continued in denial considering it happenstance. But it became relentless and as it progressed more of the incidents were of the "in my face" type to make sure I would not miss it. I began to collect and compare the records as the damage progressed.

At the very initial stages I had an opportunity to discuss my concern over the recurrence of the harassment with a former school mate who was connected with the U. S. Justice Department. He explained that it could have something to do with the way I dropped out of the Air Force Officer Training Program. There were individuals who were very angry at what they perceived I had done. He indicated it was believed that I intentionally requested waiver to go to summer training camp my senior year so I could continue to receive scholarship money from the program while planning from the beginning to withdraw from the program and not go into the Air Force. There were some who had also been embarrassed because of my actions. Generally it was thought that I had used the system and gotten away with it or at least that I thought I had beaten the system. It especially did not go down well when I later became vocal about how the Vietnam Conflict was being fought and that we should end the Conflict. He indicated I had created such a disturbance that they changed the whole officer training program so that all cadets are sworn in as soon as they are accepted into the Advanced Program. I had really angered a lot of important people. However they have twisted the facts to fit their perception that I used the system and had gotten away with it.

I never received any funds from the Program as the scholarship program came after I graduated. If I had been receiving funds which were basically equivalent to one's college costs and living expenses, I would not have needed nor been given a waiver to work that summer. My withdrawing had absolutely nothing to do with the program or the Air Force. There were personal events in my life during that time which were the deciding factors. This story is even more distorted by the fact that I unsuccessfully re-applied for the program while in graduate school. I have never been able to address this false story as that was the first and only time anyone has raised it.

I was in a real quandary about how to stop medical/dental harassment and damages. If I raised the alarm by immediately telling people, accusing medical professionals, I would be branded a paranoid and thereafter no one would listen even if it became obvious. But I could not keep sustaining the physical damage.

I began putting the early records together and having them reviewed by a selected cross section of the community for their reaction. I knew it did not matter what I thought but what the general public would believe upon reading all the records. All those who read the material were shocked as they could not believe that so many accidents could happen in such a short period of time to one person.

The response from an older wizened professional was the most pointed. He said I must have really pissed off some very important people who were out to get me. They were having me passed around with the doctors and dentists refusing to participate who were pushing me out the door or I was being denied proper treatment or some were taking nicks out of me, not doing enough damage to be individually sued but enough to cause damage and if it continued they would cause serious damage. Early in the medical/dental damage based on what the public and his belief, I decided that the best course of action was to not avoid treatment but seek treatment from different doctors and dentists as soon as possible. If this damage went on too long I might not survive. I also had hoped that I would find someone who would actually do the proper necessary surgeries. But if the damage continued I wanted it to be certain that it was not just the work of one doctor or dentist. I also realized I had to have a medical standard to make the necessary comparisons. I found from the beginning unannounced random visits to hospital emergency rooms were the best test standard. They would do the necessary tests and give diagnosis which I could match to the treatment at the next regular visit to a doctor or dentist. Unfortunately the emergency room staff would make the proper recommendation as to treatment but referred back into the system.



He was my regular dentist. He had previously performed a root canal, extracted all my wisdom teeth even though my root structures protrude into the sinuses and I have deep sinuses. This material is based on my records as created by Barton.

On January 29, 1992, he put a facial veneer over a crack in tooth #3.

On his recommendation when the large fillings in my wisdom teeth needed to be replaced I had him remove the teeth. He indicated my frontal sinus cavities were deep with the teeth canals going into the sinus area but that he could remove them and did not refer me. He removed all successfully during this period of time. Wisdom tooth #32 was removed on 1/17/95. I was going to him on a schedule arranged by his office for routine maintenance and checkups. Starting in 1995, I began to have sensitivity and soreness in the region of tooth #3 in my upper right jaw. He did nothing on 12/14/95 for the problem but did x-rays of teeth #2 and #4. I was starting to have irritation in my right sinus. First he advised me that he thought it was a blocked salivary gland and not my teeth and referred me to Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. I went to DHMC and they said it was not the salivary gland and more likely a dental problem and referred me back to Barton. On my next regular appointment in 7/13/95, I raised my concern about the continuing irritation in tooth #3 but he again did nothing other than to look at it. You will note that on 7/31/95 during the period of time I was complaining about tooth #3, he did routine replacement of old fillings in teeth #13,14,30 and x-rayed tooth #17. On 9/26/95 he removed my wisdom tooth #17. On 4/30/96 I went for him to look at tooth #3 which was getting worse and again he did nothing but take an x-ray. On 6/6/96 I again went in and asked him to do something with tooth #3 as it was getting worse not better. All he did was inspect it and take more x-rays. Evidently the taking of several x-rays and palliative treatments without results caused Delta Dental to refuse payment and on 10/28/96 Barton resubmitted this claim with the Special Relations Dept. for extra consideration. On 7/29/96 I went in again as tooth #3 was really causing trouble and I began to have spots of blood in the discharges coming from my right sinus. During this period of time he now advised that it was my sinus possibly an infection or allergies and again referred me to DHMC. DHMC did a CT scan and placed me on antibiotics. They again indicated it was not my sinus, an infection or allergies but most likely a problem with the tooth and referred me back to Barton. He continued to inspect the tooth during visits for other dental work. On 7/30/1996 I asked him to do something on tooth 3 as it was really becoming quite irritated and painful, especially after eating anything and not immediately cleaning out my mouth. He took an x-ray and looked at the tooth. He indicated that the pain and irritation was not caused by this tooth or any other tooth. As the area became more affected, I began to have discharges from my right sinus finally to the point of finding blood on a regular basis in the discharges. As I could not get him to do anything other than to look at tooth #3 and it was so irritated and painful as to affect my activities, I wrote a letter to him dated 8/5/96 which I hand delivered to him in the last appointment I made with him about the tooth. I was not getting anywhere verbally so I wanted to get it in writing. I requested that since it was not getting better that I wanted it removed before 8/23/96 before my trip to Virginia to see my daughter. (Ba1)

On the 8/8/96 appointment he again did nothing about tooth #3 except tried to bond material on the side of the tooth even though now the whole area up into my jaw, cheek, and gum was affected but he worked on #30 and #18. I had bloody discharges, pain into the temporal area and in front of my ear and starting down my neck. Now he tried to say that it was all caused by receding gums but the adjoining teeth had as much and one had more gum recession without any irritation.

He referred me to Dr. Spaulding in St. Johnsbury to pull tooth #3, although he had done all the complicated work listed above. He went out of his way to avoid doing anything of substance to find out the cause of the problem with tooth #3 and at times was trying to practice medicine by advising that it was medical problems not teeth problems. Although his own records showed that he put a veneer on a crack involving tooth #3 in 1991 and had not done anything on the tooth since 1992, in 1995-96 while he was replacing old fillings of adjacent teeth, he refused to remove the filling in tooth #3. He never recommended a root canal nor did he take out the old filling to determine if a cavity had developed under the filling. I found that he was also trying to contend that it was caused by excessive gripping of my jaw and grinding of my teeth but again he never referred me to an expert in that area nor gave any advice or treatment to alleviate such a condition. (Ba2, Ba2B, Ba2C, Ba2D)

On 8/19/96 when I arrived for my appointment with Spaulding, he indicated that Barton had not sent my records. Dr. Spaulding had to review the history, symptoms, etc. with me before he would do the extraction.

There is a letter from Barton to Spaulding (that Spaulding sent to me) when Dr. Spaulding was upset with having a patient show up without records. Much of the material is self-serving as he did not place the information in my records. He said he recommended a root canal but I refused. He never recommended anything but must importantly he did not do the most basic procedure of removing the old filling. He had already successfully done a prior root canal and I would not have a tooth pulled which could be saved with a root canal. I had dental insurance that covered most of this work as well. I did not end up at DHMC but he referred me first for a salivary gland, DHMC said it was most likely the tooth and to go back to my dentist. He again referred me to DHMC for sinusitis and DHMC indicated the tests showed at that point no sinusitis and that it was most likely the same tooth and to have my dentist take care of it. (Ba3A, Ba3B, Ba3C, Ba3D)


I would refer you to Dr. Spaulding's notes of 8/19/96. I explained that the excruciating pain had been replaced with a dull throbbing pain which was much easier to tolerate. He advised based on my description of the matter that it was not going to correct itself. It was likely that tooth #3 had become ulcerated or abscessed with damage to the roots and that the reduction in pain was most likely the result of the abscess breaking through the hard tissue into soft tissue but it still had to be attended to.

He indicated that I had arrived without any records and before he did anything he had to review a list of procedures to determine the extent of what had been done to date for problem. Again I refer you to his notes as to acute/chronic pulpitis #3. As he went down the list of procedures that should have been done to find the probable cause for the problem, I realized that Barton had not done any of the procedures, including the most basic one of removal of the old filling to see if there was any decay underneath. Spaulding indicated that I could have a root canal which he did not do, or have him extract it. As I was about to start my college courses at Plymouth State College in two weeks and it was unlikely that I would get an appointment with a new dentist within the next two weeks for a root canal, I had him extract the tooth. In his IMPRESSION: 1. Acute/chronic pulpitis #3" which may have been due to a crack in the tooth and/or decay starting under the old filling and that Dr. Barton should have removed the old filling to check underneath for decay. However now I had a infection which continued. You will note that although I was not a heavy gum chewer or gripped my teeth, such information was now in my records especially that I was gripping my teeth with possible TMJ even though Spaulding found no TMJ clicking. (Sp1A, Sp1B)

It should also be noted that during this period of time until the surgery being done by Dr. Berube, I had both dental and medical insurance and there was no reason for me to refuse treatment for financial reasons.

I continued to have pain and irritation in the jaw which was spreading up into my temporal region, into my ear and down into my neck. I went to Dr. Rockwell (who was working for Dr. Birkit) in Plymouth, NH while I was taking courses at Plymouth State College. After I explained the symptoms, he was of the opinion that I likely had an infection still in the area of the extraction, and placed my on a 10 or 14 day period of antibiotics. This brought relief and resulted in a reduction in the swelling, pain and irritation. However within a week after going off the antibiotics, the area again became irritated and it slowly started to spread into my ear, temporal region and neck. Dr. Rockwell believed the symptoms indicated that there was an infection or a part of the tooth embedded (he called it encapsulated) in the cavity where the tooth had been removed. He said the antibiotics would knocked it down but not completely eliminate the infection. He said it would require surgery to open the area up and clean it out which he did not do as a general dentist and he recommended I contact an oral surgeon.


I called several oral surgeons trying to find someone to look at the problem as the conditions that happened to tooth #3 started to happen to the molar in the very back of my jaw which I believe is tooth #2 next to the infected area of the extraction of tooth #3. I had my first appointment with Richard Kozlowski at the office of Dr. Fitch on December 11, 1996 at which time he took x-rays and indicated the root of the tooth was dead (necrotic) and would have to be removed or have a root canal. Upon choosing a root canal, he placed me on penicillin until he did the root canal on January 22, 1997. However the tooth did not get better and the infection continued to get worse so I requested he look at it. He informed me that he had missed one of the roots and would have to do the process over to clean that root out. The tooth had the usual structure with the usual number of roots and he had taken an x-ray to locate the roots. He was so matter of fact about missing one of the roots and with the infection still going I felt it was safer to have the tooth extracted. It appears he wrote off $102.00 on the root canal and part or all of the cost for the extraction. Upon my request he sent me a letter confirming that the tooth root was necrotic (dead) at the time of the root canal. (Ko1)

At the time of the root canal I began to have pain sensations in tooth #30 in the lower left jaw and had him replace the filling. However I was later told by an oral surgeon that it most likely was the result of the infection in the upper area pressing and irritating the nerve for tooth #30 which ran through the infected area. With the infection still present I was next referred to Joseph A. Napoli.


I was scheduled to have my annual physical with Dr. Whiting, my Primary Care Physician and sent him a letter dated January 19, 1997 setting forth the continuing problems with my jaw and requesting further examination and not referral back to my dentist. I sent a further letter dated 1/29/97 concerning my problem. I had my annual physical on 2/28/97 and was referred to Dr.Napoli. I was given an appointment for 3/10/97. I asked Dr. Kozlowski to send my most recent x-rays to Napoli.

At the examination, Dr. Napoli made a manual examination of my jaw area. He indicated it was his opinion that it was caused by a muscle from excessive gripping, grinding etc. of my teeth. He said I would receive a notice of a further appointment. He did not prescribe any medications. If it was the result of excessive gripping resulting in TMJ, he did not advise or indicate in the record anything I could do to help in easing the matter. I received a letter indicating my next appointment was on May 1, 1997, almost two months without any relief or advice on what to do with the problem. I sent a letter dated April 11, 1997, setting out my concerns and requested s copy of his report of the diagnosis. When he never responded to my concerns or scheduled an earlier appointment, I cancelled the appointment. Then by letter dated May 20, 1997, I made a formal request for the records and received a copy of his report dated 3/27/97.


As the problem did not clear up, I continued to try to obtain another evaluation. I finally started to go without telling anyone (including my wife) to random hospital emergency rooms for treatment. On April 4, 1997 I went to the emergency room at Littleton Regional Hospital. They diagnosed possible dental abscess and gave me a prescription for penicillin and recommended I go to an oral surgeon, Dr. Hagans of North Country Oral & Max in Littleton, NH. (Li1)


In the last office examination on July 8, 1997, Hagans said he did not see anything sufficient that he would want to open it up to clean it out or anything else and recommended that I go back to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Clinic. In looking back over this whole period, it appears that I was often being referred back to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.


Finally I decided to try to get some false teeth to fill in the area as it would give something to bite on and I hoped it might alleviate the problem if it was possibly caused by gripping my jaw. As a result of the difference between the emergency room diagnosis and Hagans hands off attitude, other medical accidents, distinct change in treatment and the non-medical harassment going on at this time, I decided to proceed with random secret (even from my wife) actions as resorted to back in 1969-73. I made an appointment over a pay phone and did not go through the usual procedure of getting referrals in the U. S. medical system to get insurance coverage.

About a week after seeing Hagans, I got in my car and drove to Canada for a chance appointment without any record of my activities, not even my wife knew of my trip. This was the denturologiste office of John Brouwer in Stanstead, Canada. At the time I did not know the distinction between a denturologiste and dentist in Canada. He did a physical examination of my mouth, gum and jaw in preparation for the fitting and to order the teeth seats to be made by a dentist for attaching the false teeth.

Based on his manual inspection, he informed me that there was an existing serious irritation and my gum in that area was not normal with some kind of infection in the jaw. He said he could not recommend making false teeth until the problem was removed and the area had become stabilized. He thought that it might be a possible residual root of an extracted tooth that needed to be removed or bony fragments or spurs causing continuing irritation and infection or deep infection. He recommended that I go back to the States and immediately have an oral surgeon in my area examine and do the necessary surgery. Once it had been corrected and stabilized he would be more than happy to prepare the false teeth. Instead, I requested the name of an oral surgeon in Canada and he gave me a letter of introduction and an appointment was scheduled with Dr. Rancourt in Sherbrooke on July 29, 1997. (Br1)

On the April 4, 1997 random visit (Littleton Hospital), an emergency room doctor diagnosed possible abscess but on a regular referred appointment on July 8, 1997 with an oral surgeon (Hagans) he could not see anything abnormal and about a week later a non-dentist by a physical exam was readily able to detect a definite problem. I had gone from December, 1995 to July 29, 1997 being passed from dentist/oral surgeon to dentist/oral surgeon in the States with teeth being removed with necrotic roots but with a diagnosis of no infection, refusal to do anything and a diagnosis that it was all caused by excessive gripping of my jaw. It began to appear that I was not getting proper treatment or being pushed out the door when I made regular appointments contrary to diagnoses of the condition of my gum and jaw from unannounced emergency room visits or secret appointments.


Again as in 1969-73 I made the appointment using a pay phone and did not tell anyone including my wife. In my appointment on July 29, 1997, I did not make available any prior records from the States. I told him that I had had several teeth removed in the past year but that I was having continuing problems with irritation, pain, swelling and loss of hearing in my right ear. He did a wraparound (panoramic) x-ray. He showed me the x-ray on the view screen. On the upper right side, the spaces where the teeth had been removed no bone had grown into the extraction sites. Also my sinus membrane on the right was clearly swollen compared to the left sinus membrane. He said that there was definitely something wrong because there should be new bone in the area of the extractions especially after a year. He indicated it was not healing and growing bone in the area. He was concerned enough that he did not want me to have to wait and return for another appointment and would fit me in that day. He opened the gum down to the bone in the back. He drilled out dead bone tissue (exotosis) in the back, filed down jagged edges/spurs left from the extractions and scraped infected tissue out of the area. I had only Novocaine and was conscious and know he did perform these procedures. He prescribed antibiotic medication. Within three days my hearing returned to normal, the pain in my chest, shoulder, temporal region and near my ear was significantly reduced. This removed the major problem of irritation in the back area of my jaw. I enclose a copy of his statement which sets out the procedures and codes of the work done. (Ra1)

Once the area of the surgery in the back was fully healed I had a follow-up appointment scheduled to work on the front area to completely take care of the damage and infection.

I made the mistake of telling my wife of the successful surgery. She wanted it to be covered by insurance so my trip to Canada got into my medical/dental records.

When I went up for the appointment, he no longer wanted to proceed further even though I was a paying patient and praising his work. He kept telling me I needed to go back to the surgeons in the States.

So I did not have anyone to proceed to take care of the infection in the area toward the front of my upper jaw and it spread further to the area of the remaining teeth. Finally the tooth nearest the site of the prior extractions started to become loose in the socket. Then when I ate, it could cause irritation that would start to go up into the sinus area. I have been recently told that once the tooth became loose it allowed mouth anaerobic bacteria to invade the area and cause further infection. It appeared to be gradually spreading and getting worse again and out of desperation, I went for the first time to Gerber Dental and had the next tooth extracted. When that did not remove the irritation, the dentist recommended, I go to DHMC to have the sinus looked at and if it was not the problem to get back to them. They also wanted to know the results in any event as I indicated I wanted to continue with them to obtain a partial plate for the missing teeth.

It should be noted that from this point on no dentist, doctor or surgeon in the States ever again mentioned gripping my jaw or grinding my teeth, TMJ as the cause of the loss of teeth. How could so many medical/dental professionals in the States miss the obvious that a non-dentist immediately found by a physical examination without the benefit of x-rays?

I had an appointment with Dixon in Ontolaryngology at DHMC sometime around the beginning of April, 1998 and explained the recent work done by Rancourt and gave him his card and information about the tooth extraction at Gerber Dental and brought in a plastic bag of bloody handkerchiefs to establish the extent of the discharges from my sinus. He indicated that prior prescriptions for 10 to 14 days of antibiotic had not been sufficient to eliminate a deep seated infection and he prescribed a three week regimen of antibiotics. When the three weeks were done, the infection was still present and another three weeks of antibiotics were prescribed. I took the second prescription for 2 and a half weeks as I stopped several days before my operation on 5/22/98 on the left side of my scrotum. by Dr. Rous.

I then had another CT Scan done on 6/1/98 which was used by Dr. Gerald A. Berube in diagnosing and recommending jaw augmentation and sinus lift surgery after the area became sensitive again. However within about a week to two weeks, I began to have the irritation. I refer you back to the material prior on Gerald A. Berube.

I will continue with the dental mistakes.