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May 20, 2003

Kevin Connolly, MD
Bradford Health Services
437 South Main Street
Bradford, VT 05033
mailed and faxed 802-222-9276

Re: Infection in jaw/Referral

Dear Dr. Connolly:

I still do not have a definite appointment and will call tomorrow (Wednesday) at DHMC.

Your nurse called and indicated that you believed medically that it was not good for me to continue without receiving treatment for this perforated sinus membrane and resulting infection.

As you know I have been trying to get an appointment with several specialists but have been referred and referred.

You advised that if I do not get treatment this time, I will have to go to an emergency room and ask to be admitted and they will have to refer me to someone who can treat me.

However there is now a new trend when I go to an emergency room which has never occurred in the past. When I went to Copley Hospital emergency room for the infection, they did not do any tests, x-rays, etc. I tried to give them copies of my records but they refused not only to accept them but even to look at them. They gave me a prescription for antibiotics, told me to see a surgeon and basically pushed me out the door. It appears that this will be the same if I go to another emergency room unless I have something from a doctor indicating that I need to see a specialist for this problem and that it is medically dangerous for me to continue without treatment.

As your nurse Catherine indicated on your behalf, this cannot go on as it has. I could be seriously hurt if this continues. An infection in the sinus area could spread to the brain causing permanent brain damage or death, just to name one possible consequence of not receiving adequate medical treatment.

I want to thank you for the additional prescription as it has helped with the infection but it isn't healing the sinus opening which causes re-infection in the jaw. There has been considerable bone loss now. When the sinus fluid gets into the wound it stings until it goes numb unless I keep my head down to allow the sinus to drain.

Could I impose upon you to get a letter from you setting out what you believe is medically needed/required, that I can bring with me to the next emergency room? They are less likely to push me out the door. I would request it also if I get an appointment with a specialist. In the past, I was passed around and around amongst specialists who would not do anything but prescribe antibiotics and push me out the door.

The antibiotics will be finished by Monday and I would like to be connected with a specialist before then.


Bernard J. Wolfe, Jr.