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May 13, 2003

Kevin Connolly, MD
Bradford Health Services
437 South Main Street
Bradford, VT 05033
mailed and faxed 802-222-9276

Re: Infection in jaw/Referral

Dear Dr. Connolly:

I contacted Dr. Spauldings office on May 7, 2003 and he was out until Monday, May 12, 2003. I had my records sent by Dr. Kuo to Spaulding's office which he was going to review on Monday but because of his schedule he was not able to review it until today. His nurse indicated after review of the records, he did not want to set up an appointment as he felt uncomfortable in proceeding with it.

As I have set up an appointment with a new dentist to take care of my remaining teeth and to prepare false teeth (first appointment on May 27, 2003), Spaulding's nurse suggested I call them for referrals to an oral surgeon.

The dentist office suggested:

1. Northern Vermont Oral Surgery in Berlin, VT 802-223-2364

2. Center for Oral and Maxillary Surgery, Hanover, NH 603-643-5333.

I will need to start over again trying to get a referral and they will not see me until they review Dr. Kuo's surgical records and then they will decide if they will accept the referral. There is no telling how long this will take but I still have the infection in my jaw.

The last prescription of 500 mg three times a day really made a difference and the infection was being eliminated. If you put the infection on the scale of 10 by the end of the 5 days it was reduced to 5 but more importantly, on Saturday and Sunday there was a noticeable loosening and shrinking of the swelling as well reduction in the pain. I am positive that if the prescription had been for 10 days instead of 5 it would have eliminated the infection. If you need to view the infection, I can go to your office so you can observe the present condition of my jaw.

A. Can you help me with getting a referral?

B. Can you issue another 5 day 3 times a day antibiotic which should either totally eliminate the infection or not let it continue or get back to where it was before? If you can issue a prescription, could you call it in to Rite Aid in Woodsville, NH 603-747-3300? I do not want this to come roaring back while waiting for an appointment and I would like to avoid having to go to an emergency room.

Any messages to me during the day, please call me at the office 747-2338.


Bernard J. Wolfe, Jr.